Swan Queen/RP Fanfic: This is Really Happening

Title: This Is Really Happening (1/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma
Rating: G (but it’s likely headed to the farther region of the ratings spectrum)
Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary:  How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

A/N: I’ve never written RPF, but this is going to be a legit character study, I’m sure…

“I’m sorry? I don’t think I heard right, you’re doing what now?” Jen had raised her hand, but spoke without being called on during the latest closed production meeting. She was squinting in confusion at the director.

They had just finished mapping out the end of the season and the big reveals really were shocking.

The director chuckled knowingly, “Yeah, Regina and Emma are going to be revealed to be a couple. We’ve been dropping hints all season. I thought you were in on it?”

Jen looked across the table at Lana who was stifling a giggle. Figures that she’d be all over this, Jen thought in defeat. It was all news to her, and the prospect practically made her head spin. In her opinion, she already had too many scenes with Lana as it was.

“So what we’re going for is that Emma and Regina have been having secret hook ups and meetings since Graham died, and they’ve really started to develop feelings for each other. I just need to see a quick screen test: Lana, can you come over here?”

Lana rose from the table and sauntered across the room in the same flawless way she did when she hit her marks. It annoyed Jen to no end.

“Ok, Jen, come over here? Okay, just walk up and kiss her- I want to see you swoop in like the white knight you’re supposed to be and really go at. Keep true love’s kiss in mind,” The director said, looking like he was enjoying this more than a simple screen test would warrant.

Jen took a deep breath, while Lana stuck out her face, pursing her full lips even as she fought a smile and drawled in a low sexy voice, ”ready, lover.”

She grinned widely, and Jen scowled harder. She awkwardly leaned in and shut her eyes, hoping Lana would meet her halfway. The kiss was abrupt, to say the least, Jen pulled away almost as soon as their lips touched.

“Okay, obviously that is not going to do. You two are going to have to work at selling me on this. I know you have the chemistry, but you need to rev it up. Take it to the next level,” The director was dismayed at the pathetic, fizzling kiss.

“What does that mean?” Jen asked worried.

“You two are going to have to practice. You look like enemies, but I need you to look like you love each other,” he explained, shaking his head in annoyance.

“I only work with a script,” Jen called after the director, but he had already turned his attention away leaving Lana and Jen to figure it out on their own.

“I need a script too, and I know just the thing to help,” Lana said displaying her shining brown eyes and a bright genuine smile.

“What?” Jen asked out of politeness, her voice flat and uninterested.  

“The fans have been hooking Regina and Emma up since day one. Do you know how much fan fiction is out there where they have sex? It’s called Swan Queen. We’ll just read through some and pick out a few scenes to act out. That way we have a script and no worries,” Lana smiled reassuringly, placing a comforting hand on Jen’s rigid arm.

Jen sighed, seeing that this was really going to happen, and it might not be the worst thing, but she wasn’t exactly looking forward to their rehearsal session. Lana on the other hand, who prided herself on thorough research and being a complete professional, was eager to over prepare.

“Meet me tonight? I’ll start looking stuff up,” Lana said as she grabbed her purse and coat from her chair.

“Fine,” Jen sat back down as the realization that this was really about to happen dawned on her.

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