Swan Queen/RP fic: This is Really Happening (2/?)

Title: This Is Really Happening (2/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma
Rating: PG (but it’s likely headed to the farther region of the ratings spectrum, slowly but steadily :)
Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary:How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

A/N: Who knows what Lana and Jen’s actual dynamic together is? Seriously. I want to know, it would be so helpful to even have an inkling.

Jen decided to dress in character, which was pretty easy for her, but  was slightly dismayed when Lana opened the door to find she was just in yoga pants and a tank. She looked Jen up and down smiling with approval before ushering her inside.

“You wouldn’t believe how many scenarios there are out there; how do those fans know that Regina wear black silk panties?” Lana asked rhetorically as she led Jen into her living room.

“I don’t want to do anything I’m not comfortable with,” Jen muttered as Lana handed her the cup of tea she had waiting.

Jen sat on the couch, while Lana sat, legs crossed, on the floor amidst several piles of paper.

“Okay, what’s all this?” Jen asked feeling a bit uncomfortable already.

“I sorted them out: this pile is sex in the bug-“ Lana pointed, but Jen cut her off mid-sentence.

“We’re not actually having sex, just—-?” Words seemed to fail her when she saw the strange expression on Lana’s face, so she stuttered and recovered, deciding to play along, “Well, there is absolutely no room to properly have sex with anyone in the back of that car, so that’s out.”

Pleased with Jen’s response, Lana pointed to another pile, “Yeah, I know right? But it would be kinda fun, maybe up front? So  this pile is sex in Regina’s office. The office is definitely my favorite set.”

“What are those sub piles?” Jen asked crinkling her nose, but becoming more  confident and curious, impressed with the amount of work Lana had already put into research.

“Oh: sex on the desk and sex on the sofa, respectively,” Lana said flipping through several pages and scanning them over, “and these are the ones where Emma tops Regina, but these are the ones where Regina tops Emma, S&M, etc.”

“Tops?” Jen asked confused.

“Yeah, like which one is the aggressor,” Lana explained.

“Oh, I’d think at first glance that would probably be your character, but I guess I could see it both ways,” Jen appeared to be lost in thought. She refocused, noticing yet another set of papers behind her, “and those?”

Lana rapidly and matter-of-factly pointed out the remaining scenarios: “You know: Regina’s house: sex in the bedroom, sex in the study, sex in the shower, and these take place outdoors: sex in the woods, sex under the apple tree. Here’s the Sheriff’s office: sex in the jail cell, sex on Emma’s desk, sex in the interrogation room. Shall I go on?”

“No, I think I got it,” Jen’s mind was racing with all the scenarios.

“Then if we want to get extra adventurous, there are some really good ‘alternative universe’ stories: you should read the ‘Emma in fairy tale land, post-curse ones’, you’d get a kick out of it,” Lana looked at her slyly and handed her a stack of typed pages.

“Okaaayy, so,” Jen cleared her throat and rocked back and forth, “Jail cell, huh? Which of these do you want to do?”

“Thought you’d never ask! Regina’s office: sex on the desk. Emma tops. I got permission to use the set. They gave me a key,” Lana waggled her eyebrows trying to entice Jen.

“We can try that, sounds pretty good, but not too out there,” Jen reasoned, her throat suddenly feeling extremely dry.

“Here’s the story I want to do, read it, and we’ll go do it tomorrow night?” Lana asked hopefully.

“Sounds good, but we’re not really going to have sex, right?” Jen asked for at least the third time in 30 minutes.

“We’re actresses, we’ll figure it out,” Lana replied waving off the thought. It wasn’t the adamant ‘of course not’ she was expecting, and that had her  even more worried.

“So should I go home and learn this, or is there anything else you wanted to go over tonight?”  

“I was thinking we could work on our kissing strategy a little. Only if you’re up for it? I mean if you have to go that’s fine, but it would definitely help me prepare,” Lana asked almost bashfully.

“No, that would help me maybe get more comfortable,” Jen gave a weak smile, her breath coming out in a nervous huff, as Lana bounced down on the sofa next to her sporting a wicked grin.

Jen sat back stiffly, placed her hands in her lap, and looked straight ahead at the wall for a full minute.

“Hey, are you okay?” Lana lightly smoothed a strand of Jen’s blonde hair behind her ear and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

Jen nodded in reply, swallowing the lump in her throat and turned slightly toward Lana. Lana placed a finger on Jen’s chin and guided her face the rest of the way so they were facing each other fully.

"It’s just I’ve never done this before…" Jen confessed almost embarrassed, while Lana just smiled reassuringly. 

“Let’s just start with a hug, get used to one another’s presence in our space,” Lana murmured,  exhaling calmly and sliding her arms around Jen, resting her head on her shoulder.

Jen followed suit, clasping her hands around Lana’s waist, hugging her a bit tighter. She closed her eyes to get comfortable with the feeling of her body. They hugged for quite a while, their breath synchronizing together, and Lana letting out a peaceful coo. Ever so slowly, Lana softly traced Jen’s cheek and jaw line with her finger followed closely by her lips, until she gently placed her lips upon Jen’s and pressed. 

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