Swan Queen/RP Fic: This is Really Happening (5/?)

Title: This Is Really Happening (5/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary:How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

A/N: Starting in with a little taste of the good stuff now…


Lana knew her question was inappropriate, but it was so worth it for Jen’s reaction. She watched Jen snap her head up, and lock eyes, suddenly wide awake and at full attention. Lana set her jaw tight, but her unrelenting smirk and twinkling eyes gave away her intention to get a rise out of her.  

“I have better places to be tonight than here…at work,” Jen huffed, focusing just a bit more anger at Lana than she should have, “And I will not actually be fucking you. Just so we’re clear on that for the 10th time. Let’s just do this, okay?”

“Fine,” Lana turned around and stepped back, putting her hands up in mock surrender, letting an exaggerated sigh escape from her lips. Steeling herself, she faced Jen, and practically growled, “You know you don’t have to like me, but you will respect me…” Lana paused for a second, and Jen felt her blood pressure rise, thinking she was in for one hell of a confrontation, “… while in my office, Sheriff!”

Startled and feeling stupid, Jen realized a second too late that Lana had started the scene. She walked forward briskly, as Lana took her seat behind Regina’s desk. Jen slammed her hands down on the edge and stared straight at her:

 “Madam Mayor, you wanted to see me?”

“Hold on, just a second- Are we doing the one where they are in a relationship already and this is a fight, or is this building up to something?” Jen asked scratching her head, and thumbing through the script in hand. She had read so many stories over the past few days she couldn’t remember exactly what was happening, as they all started to blend together.

Lana crossed her legs, pursing her lips as if the angry Sheriff wasn’t hovering over her desk. She flipped through her papers nonchalantly, eyes down, completely ignoring Jen’s question and posing one of her own in character:

 You do realize that it is common courtesy for one to knock before entering, don’t you?”

Then she looked up, eyes soft, to give Jen a quick reassurance, “Just try it this time being angry at me. I like your raw energy, we’ll adjust later and try a flirty take to see how that feels.”

Slipping easily back into character, she waited patiently for Jen to say her line:

“I figured we were long past ‘common courtesies’, Madam Mayor,”

“Hm, are we now?

“Okay, this is when it gets hot- so what if I stand up, to try to shoo you out, and you come around the desk and push me down?” Lana directed the scene with her hands as she worked it out in her mind.

 Jen nodded, “okay, let’s try it.”

“I figured we were long past ‘common courtesies’, Madam Mayor,”

“Hm, are we now?

‘Emma’ rapidly moved around the desk just as ‘Regina’ stood up, ‘Emma’ grabbed her hands, trapping them behind her back in one hand, grabbing her neck with the other—-

“Hey, I don’t want to accidentally hurt you,” Jen said freezing up and dropping Lana’s hands.

“I won’t break. You can be rough with me, it’s totally fine,” Lana said, anxious to get on with it. She rolled her eyes, hoping that they wouldn’t need a stunt coordinator for their sex scenes.

Jen grabbed her wrists and neck again, ‘Regina’ gasped and ‘Emma’ bent her over the desk, slamming her down.

Lana felt Jen’s hand on the back of her neck pushing her hard, and barely had time to turn her head to the side before hearing her hoop earring make a loud cracking noise on the glass surface. Or was that ‘crack’ her cheekbone?

“Hey, that hurt! Be careful!”

“You just told me to be rough!” Jen said in frustration, releasing her grip, while Lana rubbed at her face to soothe the pain.

“Well, I meant that you can be rough with my ass all you want, but I don’t think that ‘make up’ will be pleased if I come in with a swollen and bruised nose. Just be gentle with my face, okay.”

“Now what happens?” Jen asked losing focus, unintentionally admiring and staring distractedly at Lana’s plump ass. The material of her black skirt spread tightly over it, and it looked really, really nice.  Jen chuckled, as she tried to decide how to approach touching her cherry bomb of an ass, recognizing that she had no idea how to handle it.  

Lana opened her eyes to stare at the little cloud of condensation forming on the glass beneath her lips. Maybe she was breathing heavy from the adrenalin rush caused by the jolt of pain, or maybe she was waiting in anticipation of Jen’s next move, “Grind me from behind.”

Jen swallowed, taking Lana’s direct instruction, and pushed her hips firmly against Lana’s ass, feeling a wave of heat consume her as their bodies made contact.

“Good?” Jen asked, growing braver and grinding a bit harder, enjoying the feel of Lana slightly shifting back and forth beneath her.

“Yeah… rake your hands up my thighs…please,” Lana instructed through gritted teeth, her skin feeling especially sensitive and finding herself in want of Jen’s touch.

Jen knew that bit of dialogue wasn’t anything that ‘Regina’ said in the script, and they were more than likely heading into uncharted waters, but all the same, she was more than willing to oblige.

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