Swan Queen/RP Fic: This is Really Happening (7/?)

Title: This Is Really Happening (7/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma

Rating: NC-17 (Please note the rating change on this Ch. & it’s twice the length for double the fun)

Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary:How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

Previous chapters:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

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A couple shout outs:

1) The fic that is being ‘acted’ out in this chapter can be read here (for reference purposes) ;) Thank you to dontwarnthetadpoles for letting me pilfer, and it is also my personal favorite.

2) I just discovered Jennifer Morrison and I both got our Theatre degrees from the same school: Loyola University Chicago – Go Ramblers! (Of course, she graduated long before I ever stepped foot on campus, but I feel a certain affinity for her now that I didn’t before).


“Take off your pants and stand against the wall,” Lana commanded. Jen stared, slack jawed for a minute, while Lana walked over to the table, rifling through her discarded stack of papers to find the right story, and then handed it over to Jen, “I want to do this one. Go read up, and then get in position against the wall.”

“Okay. Sure,” Jen rubbed her eyes, trying to shake the feeling that Lana had just a flipped a switch. She watched Lana go back over to her purse and check her phone.

“What are you doing?” Jen asked feeling nosy and confused. She was really turned on and hoping that Lana’s plan included doing something about that stat, but feared she was being presumptuous and reading into things. This whole night had turned sticky…in many ways.

“Oh, nothing. Just tweeting to the whole internet that I was just mounted by Jennifer Morrison on Regina’s desk,” Lana laughed gregariously, and Jen wasn’t sure if it was directed at her or something on her phone.

“You’re not! You wouldn’t do that, seriously?!” Jen panicked at the very horrific thought of that bit of information getting out. She already received more than enough creepy tweets and messages from people.

“Well, who can say? You obviously wouldn’t know what I tweet because you don’t follow me,” Lana goaded.

“Oh my God! I will follow you if you promise not to tweet about this! Please do not tell anyone at all!” Jen was getting a bit hysterical.

“Calm down. Of course I won’t say anything. Although, I’m going to hold you to that. You better start following me,” Lana winked and erupted in a smile. It really was easy to get Jen worked up as she took herself way too seriously.

Jen sighed, and sat down on the sofa, turning her attention to the story. Shame for her, she missed Lana shimmying out of her panties. Lana took the sliver of black silk, balled it up and tossed in Jen’s open bag as a little souvenir of their evening.

“Finished?” Lana asked impatience steeping in her voice. It wasn’t very late, but she was more than ready to do this scene. She swished her hips as she walked over to the wall, which quickly got Jen’s attention, and Lana enjoyed the little ego boost.

“No,” Jen replied absently, looking back and forth from the half-read story to Lana standing, ankles crossed, and leaning against the wall provocatively.

“Get over her anyway, I’ll help you through it,” Lana patted the wall, excitement evident in her voice, “and get those jeans off.”

“Okay, I’m coming!” Jen was starting to get annoyed; she needed to be touched, but she hated being bossed around.

“Not without me,” Lana teased, unable to help herself.

Jen stood and unbuttoned her pants, awkwardly hiking them down and kicking them off. She had just read the story which starts with Regina’s fingers already buried to the hilt inside Emma, and she had a few questions.

When she got within arm’s reach, Lana grabbed her wrist, pushing her into the wall, giving her a once over in just her panties and tank, “Lose the bra, and these need to come off too,” Lana pointed downward.

“Um…so we’re really doing this for the sake of the show, right? You’re really going to—-me? I mean do you even know how?” Jen undid the clasp of her bra and slid it down her arms pulling it away.

Lana crouched down and hooked her fingers in the flimsy elastic holding the navy blue cotton on Jen’s hips and with one fluid motion pulled them all the way down, “Oh yes, we’re doing this, happily. What do you mean do I even know how? You mean they didn’t teach you how to finger fuck in your scene study classes at Loyola?”

Jen’s hands were flat against the wall, bracing herself, as she kicked off her panties. She shook her head in wonder, “What I am asking is that you’re willing? You want this?”

“Yes, as long as you do too, obviously. Jen, you’re certainly not the first woman I’ve been with, but without a doubt, you are the most beautiful, and I want to make you feel good,” Lana sucked in a breath, holding it as Jen turned things over in her mind.

“I’m good with it, I do want it…want you.” Jen’s voice was so faint on the last part that Lana had to move much closer to hear. She clasped her hands around Jen’s head, cradling her face and looking her in the eyes, letting her face bloom into an expressive smirk, “Great, so I get to fuck you. I’m having fun.”

Lana kept one hand on Jen’s face and wasted no time moving the other down below Jen’s belly button, resting it against her lower abdomen, scratching gently, and checking for signs of hesitation. There were none, and Lana moved lower dipping between her legs. Jen started taking quick shallow breaths, as she felt Lana’s fingers gingerly moving through her wetness. Lana’s breath quickened in turn, feeling a flutter in her chest as their excitement mounted.

“Nice and wet for me,” Lana murmured, staring intently at her face.

At that Jen turned her head away in mortification, even though she wanted this, it was wholly disarming to be at Lana’s mercy—of all people. She felt betrayed by her body’s response, but it didn’t quench her desire, if anything the taboo of it made it impossibly hotter.  

“Look at me, it’s okay, I like it,” Lana reassured and kicked Jen’s legs open a bit wider, never breaking contact with Jen’s body, she continued touching and rubbing circles, as she pulled up her skirt and straddled Jen’s bare thigh.

 “Feel that?” Lana asked as she sunk down rubbing herself desirably on Jen.

Jen instantly tensed at the contact; somewhere in her mind she realized Lana was no longer wearing her silk panties, as she felt the slick, wet heat sliding against her, “yeah…” Jen whimpered, amazed at the sensation.

“Tell me you want me,” Lana’s voice went from soft and gentle to hard and authoritative, and she took Jen with her fingers, pushing in and up to the knuckle in one thrust.

A cry ripped from Jen’s lips at the invasion, her body already adjusting and accommodating, clenching and releasing around Lana’s fingers, her hips starting to rotate automatically, and Lana increased the pace of her thrusts. Lana latched her mouth onto Jen’s nipple, dark and hard, through her shirt, the sensation causing Jen to buck a bit harder into her hand. "I… I want you."

When Lana let go of her nipple to speak, she left a see-through wet mark inside a red ring of lipstick on her shirt.

"Say it again."

"I want you. I want you, Lana."

Lana blew a strand of hair out of her eyes and tilted her head baring her teeth in blatant indulgence, “Who?”

Uh…I want you, Regina,” Jen corrected, forgetting all about their characters and the whole supposed reason they were playing at this. Swallowing her saliva, and trying to grip the smooth wall, she felt her knees weaken. Couple with Lana bouncing greedily against her thigh she could barely stay upright. Her head was so clouded by her stone cold need to come, she wasn’t going to be able last much longer if Lana kept it up, let alone remember what to say, even if they were just simple answers.

Lana picked up the pace, knowing that she shouldn’t, that she was supposed to back off. In the story, Regina makes Emma beg for her release, but Lana couldn’t stop pounding into her and thrusting against Jen’s toned leg, and she certainly didn’t want to. Besides, Jen didn’t read the end anyway, and Lana doubted that she’d mind her taking a creative liberty at this point.

 Jen’s eyes shut tight, licking her lips and letting her mouth fall open in the shape of an O. She’s so quiet, and Lana wants to hear her, so she redoubled her efforts and slid her thumb over Jen’s hard clit. She got the desired reaction, as a long low moan tore from her lips, her eyes springing open, showcasing her raw desire and the shining look of surprise at making such a loud noise.

The sound of Jen’s pleasure surged through body, and she squeezed Jen’s leg between her own, grinding hard to get the tiny bit of pressure she needed so badly. Jen jerked forward and the shift in position does it for Lana as she started to come. Jen cried out again, with more intensity and came hard; body sucking and milking Lana’s fingers, and breathing so desperately she sound  on the verge of hyperventilation.

“Fuck,” Lana cried out, going limp and sagging into Jen, resting her full weight on her. Jen, weakened by her own orgasm didn’t even try to hold them both up, and they slid as one down the wall crumpling on the tile. For a long, moment the only sound in the room was their breathing, Jen could really only hear the rush of blood in her ears.  Lana didn’t make any motion to move off of her, and Jen couldn’t really think of a single reason to move either. Lana sighed contentedly, and lifted her head from Jen’s chest, “So tomorrow, how about we practice some bedroom scenes?”

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