Swan Queen/RP Fic: This is Really Happening (8/?)

Title: This Is Really Happening (8/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary:How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

Previous chapters:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Jen was having the worst damned day ever, and she blamed one hundred percent of it on Lana Fucking Parrilla. The night before, after they had dragged themselves off of the floor and found the energy to redress, they tidied up the set. Lana had actually cleaned her ass prints off of the desk with Windex. They had turned off the lights, locking up, and then they walked together to their cars. Before parting, Lana had kissed her and then slapped her on the ass as a goodnight send off. It was confusing.


Jen had driven home in a daze. She showered and then fell into bed. She couldn’t sleep because every time she closed her eyes images and sensations of her night flooded her mind. After several hours she had finally fallen asleep, but missed her alarm and woke up late for work. She had rushed to get ready, barely having time to stop for coffee. In line at Starbucks, some woman confronted her about how she ruined ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ with her diva attitude and sick ghost sex scenes. Jen was not in the mood to deal with people, and was tired of being mistaken for freaking Katherine Heigl. She was not Katherine Heigl or Kirsten Dunst!


She had arrived on set 15 minutes late, which wouldn’t have been a big deal, but her make-up artist, Esther, (who had been in the business for 150 years and didn’t have the sharpest eyesight),  took forever to do her up. Then, while she was sitting in the make-up chair, she felt a tickle in the back of her throat and started to cough. She had just gotten over a bad cold, and she was sure that Lana had infected her all over again from all of their fervent kissing.


In the midst of her coughing fit, she asked Esther to grab her cough drops out of her purse.  Esther gave them to her along with a handkerchief, directing her to cough into it so she wouldn’t get sick too. God, if she couldn’t get Lana out of her head it was going to affect her work, it was like she could still smell her. Jen was coughing and blowing her nose when she finally realized what she had been rubbing her face on. In abject horror, she held up Lana’s silk underwear. She asked Esther where the hell she had found those. Apparently, they were in Jen’s bag and Esther had mistaken them for her hanky. As if she’d even carry around a handkerchief?


Fucking Lana! Jen was certain she’d never be able to act a scene in Regina’s office again without thinking about what they had done there. Then she received word from the stage manager that the director wanted to do another kiss “screen test” with Lana in an hour. Worst day ever.


Lana was having the best damned day ever, and she owed one hundred percent of it to Jennifer Fucking Morrison. She had slept like a baby,  smile never leaving her lips. She had woken up relaxed and energized. Her call time to set wasn’t until the afternoon, so she took her time enjoying her fabulous day. She took a long hot shower, and then had a delicious lunch at her favorite  bistro. She walked her dog and was recognized by an adoring fan, who couldn’t have been more complimentary about her work.


When she had arrived on set she got the closest parking space, and only had to work a half day to do some easy pick up shots. She was bubbly and happy when the director called and said he wanted to do some more test shots with Jen for the “Swan Queen” reveal. Yes, it had been the best day she could have asked for, and admittedly couldn’t wait for the opportunity to play with Jen again.  


That was until, while sitting in her trailer going over her scenes, she heard a knock on the door. She answered with a warm smile and stepped back to allow Jen inside.


“We have another screen test in a little while, have you come to do a little rehearsing?” Lana asked noticing Jen seemed a bit agitated.


She was promptly greeted by Jen reaching into her pocket and producing the pair of panties she had tossed in Jen’s bag. She waved them in her face and practically shouted, “You think you’re so funny. What were thinking throwing your dirty underwear in my purse?”


“Oh, you didn’t like my joke?” Lana looked hurt as she watched Jen throw her underwear on a chair. ‘


“No, I didn’t, not so much,” Jen said eyes stormy and downcast.


“Okay, well I’m sorry. I should have realized….” Lana sighed, her mood plummeting, hands hanging limply at her sides.


“Look we don’t have much time before we both have to go out there and kiss the daylights out of each other, so I just wanted to come by and…” Jen faltered. When she stomped over to her trailer she had been so angry, and now she wasn’t really sure why she had come by at all.

Lana was just standing there looking at her like she was nuts. She took a deep breath, and shrugged, “Never mind. Forget it. I just wanted to return your…you know.  I’ll see you out there in a bit.”





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