Swan Queen/RP Fic: This is Really Happening (9/?)

Title: This Is Really Happening (9/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary:How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

Previous chapters:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight


Her mood had not improved by the time she had to be ready on set; ready to kiss ‘Regina’. Lana showed up on set, just chatting like everything was peachy keen. Jen was annoyed, but was ready in the hallway outside the Sheriff’s office, waiting for ‘action’ to come in and hit her mark. It was just a screen test, but she was feeling a bit anxious. There were plenty of people milling around set and watching.


With nervous energy thrumming through her body she walked on set, surprised to see ‘Regina’ sitting on one of the desks. The altered  scene they were screen testing today, was one they were going to shoot for real the next day (minus the kiss), but nowhere in the script had it said that Regina would be sitting on the desk! Jen felt her excitement growing steadily, recalling Lana and the desk in Regina’s office all too well. Her nipples hardened visibly through ‘Emma’s’ ugly green shirt that she would never wear herself. She stared for a moment and Lana met her gaze.

“Congratulations, Sheriff…”

Jen tuned out the rest of the words coming from Lana’s mouth and just stared intently at her lips, as she walked over to her in a daze. She grabbed her head, dipping her back, and almost throwing Lana off balance. She barely registered Lana’s gasp of surprise, before kissing her hard and rough. She shoved her tongue in her mouth, and all Lana could do was hold on and kiss back.

Jen learned later that the director had called ‘cut’ a good 20 seconds before she actually stopped kissing Lana and pulled back. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, but she felt possessive.

The director had very few comments, Lana was sure he was stunned and probably trying to figure out how he was going to handle their ‘intensity’ (he called it) on a Sunday night family show.  “Interesting choice,” he had said.

Lana laughed at that, she had very little to do with any choice, as Jen had raced in and commanded that kiss. It had been Lana’s idea to sit on the desk, a touch she was particularly proud of and she had gotten the director to agree to let her do it in the real scene as well.

Jen was hiding, Lana was sure. She didn’t come over to the monitor to watch the playback of their kiss. She hadn’t even said anything to her, and Lana was not leaving work without clearing the air between them. She didn’t believe in letting negative energy linger.

“You didn’t want to watch the playback?” Lana asked upon finding Jen by craft services, sipping a diet coke and pacing back and forth.

“No,” Jen answered shortly.

“Jen- that kiss was—-mmm. You know- we’re done for the day. Do you want to come home with me and maybe rehearse a few more scenes?” Lana asked as though the idea had just come to her, although she’d been hoping all day that the enticement of a little playtime would improve Jen’s mood; she knew the prospect definitely would improve hers.

Jen looked up meeting her soft gaze and nodding slightly, “Just let me get my purse.”


Jen drove straight to Lana’s house, still in her Emma wardrobe, but was quickly divested of it as soon as she was dragged inside and directly to Lana’s bedroom. Lana stripped off her clothes and had her on the bed so fast she barely had time to blink and manage a weak protest, “I have to wear that shirt tomorrow, don’t let it wrinkle up-it’s silk.”

“Hmm, noted,” Lana threw it onto the back of a chair, as she took off her own clothes to match Jen’s complete state of nakedness. She crawled up and straddled Jen’s hips, touching her body and staring down at her for a long moment. She bent down and took one of Jen’s nipples between her lips sucking and tugging it between her teeth, causing Jen to bite back a sharp cry of pleasure. Between alternating to her other breast she paused, “I love your breasts, Jen. They’re so responsive… sensitive. I can almost always see your nipples through your shirt when we do scenes. Do you do that on purpose? It’s so distracting, makes me think about doing this all the time.”

Jen lay back, loving the feel of Lana’s tongue swathing soft circles around her breasts. For a long while, Lana divided her attentions between Jen’s breasts and kissing her lips. Jen was blissed out, her mood had improved ten-fold, it was amazing what someone sucking your nipples and giving you compliments could do in that regard. She grew braver and more comfortable in her exploration of Lana’s body, running her hands over the smooth skin of Lana’s back and then wandered over to play with her breasts.

 “No offense, your boobs are lovely, but aren’t nearly as big as they look in your Evil Queen costumes. Sometimes I hang around the green screen sets just to see you come out dressed up in those outfits,” Jen confessed.

Jen palmed quizzically at her breasts, pushing them up and together in her hands, and smiling at her handiwork, “there we go.”

“Ha, costume magic! Oh my God, did you hear how we had to redo an hour’s worth of shooting because my nipple slipped out while we were filming and no one noticed until we saw the playback?” Lana chirped telling the story so casually, like she wasn’t naked and sensually playing with her co-star.

“Maybe they can put that outtake on the DVD extras,” Jen retorted playfully. She was really enjoying herself, and Lana was making the whole situation way too easy and comfortable for her.  

“Ha! Yeah that would be wonderful,” Lana’s voice went up in pitch when Jen sat up without warning and sucked the nipple in question hungrily into her mouth.

“Nice,” she murmured when she finally let it go.

Lana stretched on top of her settling herself over Jen’s hips and pressing her wetness down just enough so Jen could feel it, “So have you had time to read any more stories?”

“No, not today,” Jen said, disappointed that Lana was reverting back to their characters. Jen felt like that was just an excuse and they both knew it, they might as well face up to the fact that they just really wanted this to happen and the character hook up was just a convenient way of making it so. Still Lana seemed to find it easier to express herself through the guise of the character and Jen didn’t want to say anything too crazy that might scare Lana away, so as long as it helped them share what they wanted to say they kept it up.

“I read one the other day where Emma is going down on Regina, and Henry accidently walks in on them,” Lana said saucily, and then lowered her voice, “that’s kind of my fantasy.”

“What, your kid walking in on you?” Jen asked as a front, knowing that wasn’t what she meant.

“Yeah, call Jared see if he can stop by for a cameo,” Lana played along, rolling her eyes.

“Nooo…Emma going down on Regina. I’d really like that… What would Emma think, hmm?” Lana averted her eyes, and held her bottom lip between her teeth. Her eyes were sparkling with desire as she waited for Jen’s answer.

“I think Emma could do that for Regina,” Jen stroked Lana’s arm looking up at her in reverence, in disbelief that she could want her and had fantasized about her.

“Now?” Lana’s eyebrows shot up in hope. Jen thought she looked adorable and when she was making that face, there was absolutely no way she could refuse the woman anything she asked for.

Jen nodded, “As long as Regina cuts Emma some slack cause she’s never tried that before.”

Lana’s face lit up and she kissed Jen in gratitude, “I taste good if that’s what you’re worried about. I’m sure you’ll do just fine.”

“You are the most sexually confident person I have ever met, my God,” Jen said as they broke their kiss, and Lana pulled herself forward by grabbing her headboard, and situating her knees on either side of Jen’s head.

Jen had a now or never moment, this was happening now and happening fast and all she could do was rise to the challenge. She planted her hands on the undersides of Lana’s thighs bringing her closer. She could smell her arousal and it had quite the effect on Jen, much better than the panties.

“You can do no wrong. You know that right? God, just with your face right there, I’m about to come…so good.” Lana was gripping the headboard so tightly her knuckles were white.

Jen went for it, burying her closed lips between the wet folds of Lana’s pussy, as one of Lana’s hands shot down and entangled in her hair, hips swiveling over her face and a lively, “Ahhhh,” was shouted from above.

Jen opened her mouth ready to taste her, pleasant flavor pouring in as she lapped everywhere her tongue could reach. She couldn’t see what she was doing, but she was making the best of her other senses. From her viewpoint, she could only see Lana’s little tummy and the undersides of her breasts. Lana was being very loud and very appreciative, and Jen felt her own pussy throb, she shamelessly rubbed her thighs together, imagining what Lana was feeling.

Lana unintentionally bore down with her hips, nudging Jen’s nose hard against her. Jen dug her fingernails into Lana’s thighs signaling her to let up a bit, as Lana let out a whimper of apology and Jen could feel her thighs clench, writhing helplessly as she fought her body to not push down into her face again. Jen’s tongue ran over the hard little bauble of Lana’s clit a few times, triggering an enthusiastic response. Jen loved the feeling of total responsibility for Lana’s pleasure. She brought her lips around Lana’s clit again and sucked, swirling her tongue around her as she pulled gently with her mouth. Lana dropped her full weight on Jen then, thighs tight around her head as she let go, rocked with tremors and spasming off into never-never land. Jen’s name spilling from her lips as she came.

Lana slowly regained her wits and rolled herself off of Jen, breathing heavily, and eager to thank her for enacting her fantasy by returning the favor. Living it was every bit as good as she hoped, and in some ways much better, and she wanted to do the same for Jen. Lana delivered fluttering kisses to Jen’s shoulder, neck, and chest as she made little noises of appreciation and delight on her way down.

 Jen sighed contentedly, relaxed and open as she watched the glorious sight of Lana’s head disappearing between her spread thighs.

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