Swan Queen/RP Fic: This is Really Happening (10/?)

Title: This Is Really Happening (10/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma

Rating: R

Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary:How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

Previous chapters:

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Jen woke up disoriented; she was in a dark room on a really comfortable bed. She felt the presence of a body wrapped around her, and jumped with a gasp when she remembered where she was. She looked down to confirm and saw a shock of dark hair splayed out on her chest. She couldn’t move, and felt a bit trapped. A sense of dread washed over her as she tried to find a clock. She couldn’t believe she had fallen asleep, but the memory of Lana’s soft tongue creating wonderful sensations between her legs, glued her in place. She almost groaned from the vividness, a new ache awakening within her.

 How easy it would be to just snuggle in and fall back asleep, or better yet wake Lana up, and do it all again? A little devilish voice gnawed at her head. The room was cool, but she felt extremely warm, no doubt from the heat coming off of Lana and a lingering feeling of shame at having participated so willingly in such carnal acts. She took inventory of her feelings. She was thirsty and had to pee, and Lana hadn’t exactly invited her to stay the night. She had better get up and go. With no small measure of reluctance she gently shook Lana’s shoulder until she raised her head and peered through squinted eyes up at her. Lana stretched on top of her, her legs jostling between Jen’s and sending little stabs of desire everywhere they touched.

“Hey,” Lana said quietly, lighting up in an adorable smile, “You fell asleep right after…I didn’t want to wake you.”

“I should go,” Jen tried to sit up and Lana scooted over allowing her to do so.

“You can stay. I want you to stay,” Lana ran her hand all over Jen’s chest, coaxing and tempting her, making her intent clear. Jen let herself fall back down on the bed and Lana immediately moved over her again.

“I have to be back to work early. Do you even know what time it is?” Jen was fighting her desire, and failing, growing a bit breathless as Lana caressed her stomach and nipped with teeth and tongue at her jawline and earlobe.

“Come on, don’t worry. Let me…” Lana murmured in the most seductive way as she slid farther down her body, wetting Jen’s nipple with her tongue and then gently blowing cool air over it.

“Gah, I need some water, please?” Jen sat up again a little more forcefully, and Lana pulled away.

“Okay, let me get you a drink. We didn’t have any dinner, are you hungry? I know it’s like 2am but I can fix you a snack,” Lana offered, as she rose from bed and pulled on a robe.

“Okay, yeah, that would be good,” Jen accepted her offer, even though she knew she should make a break for it.

“K, don’t go anywhere,” Lana exited the room, leaving Jen to her thoughts. She looked around and found the adjacent bathroom. She got up self-consciously, tripping over a pair of shoes in the dark, and went to relieve herself and splash some cool water on her face. 

By the time Lana came back to the bedroom with a plate of fruit, Jen was back in bed, resting against the headboard, and clutching the sheet  pulled up to her neck. 

“Thanks,” Jen took the glass of water that Lana held out to her and the sheet slipped down exposing her. Lana raised an eyebrow and slid back into bed all the way over to Jen’s side.

“I cut up some fruit and cheese. Good stuff to eat in bed…to feed each other,” Lana said, delight playing across her face as she took a chilled green grape and pressed it to Jen’s lips. Jen hesitated only momentarily then opened her lips and sucked the grape right from Lana’s fingers.It was cool and slippery and perfect.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I was just so…” Jen was interrupted by Lana popping a blueberry imprecisely into her mouth. It was overripe and the dark juice ran down Jen’s bottom lip, perfect for Lana to lean over and kissed away the smear.

“Relaxed?” Lana offered helpfully as she pulled back just a centimeter from her lips, and popped a grape into her own mouth.

Jen didn’t answer, but turned her head and took a long drink of water from her glass, before turning back in time to see Lana studying her, holding own lip between her teeth in anticipation. Jen looked down at the plate sitting on top of the sheet across her lap. She picked up a sliced strawberry and placed it on top of a chunk of brie cheese, offering it to Lana. She took it eagerly, and Jen watched her closely as she chewed and swallowed.

“Tasty,” was all Lana said before grabbing the plate and placing it on the nightstand. She plucked Jen’s glass of water out of her hand and sat it beside the fruit. She pulled the sheet back and the sudden chill of a breeze sent a long cold shiver down Jen’s back. She passively let Lana bring her down and towards her so the lengths of their bodies were touching.

“So..you staying?” Lana asked again, sounding a bit unsure for the first time that evening.

“What are we doing?” Jen asked quietly with a bit of uncertainty.

“Like another scene from a story?” Lana asked perplexed, turning her face up to look at Jen and placing a hand on her shoulder to rest her chin on.

“No, no scene. You know that we’ve gotten way past role research. At most Emma and Regina will have an onscreen kiss and that’s about it. We really don’t need to do any of this,” Jen shifted uneasily, but grew a little bolder in her questions. It was easier to voice her concerns in the  dark bedroom, where Lana seemed subdued and more open to her. She felt Lana’s hand rub soothingly over her knee.

“I—wanted this. I thought you did to?” Lana sounded far away, realizing that maybe they had gotten in a bit too deep.

“I did…I do want this. I’m just not the kind of person who can turn my feelings on and off as easily as you can,” Jen admitted turning her head, feeling her face tighten as tears threatened to spill out, (from embarrassment or fear she wasn’t certain.)

“Hey, it’s okay. I am not like that either. I just do a good job pretending,” Lana consoled her, reaching out to embrace her and pull Jen into a tight comforting hug, “Just stay the night, that’s all. We’ll figure it out.”

They stopped talking, wrapped in each other, warmth spreading like a cozy campfire through Jen’s body. Lana could feel the unspoken questions in the tight tension of Jen’s muscles. She wrapped around her tighter, feeling the need to reassure her.  She was afraid anything she could say would be too presumptuous, or too personal. She finally spoke softly, “No one is going to get hurt here. I promise.”

They lay silent, Lana felt relief as Jen relaxed against her, stroking her back languidly. They lay intertwined, but each was lost in their own thoughts. They both willed sleep to come visit in the dark, still room.


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