Swan Queen/RP Fic: This is Really Happening (11/?)

Title: This Is Really Happening (11/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma

Rating: NC-17 

Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary:How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

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A/N: This chapter is purely smut, it didn’t get any farther than that.

The alarm sounded far too early for Jen: 6:30am. She rolled over, groaning in disapproval, startled once again by the proximity of Lana, her arm thrown across her stomach.

“What time do you have to be at work?” Lana asked before even opening her eyes.

“Eight. I have to go. I’ll barely have time to drive home and take a shower,” she grumbled, feeling something sticky on her back, she sat up and found a squashed blueberry. Lana looked at Jen’s mussed hair and grumpy face, then to the dark blue stain on her back and now on her fingers and smirked.

“I live closer to the set. Just shower here. I’ll make coffee,” Lana stretched and yawned, reluctantly getting out of bed, and pulling her robe on. She headed to the kitchen while Jen stood up, naked, and moved over to where her clothes- (the clothes she had to wear again all day)- were draped haphazardly over the desk chair. She really didn’t want to put them back on without taking a shower first. Plus, her arousal had never really subsided and sweat from their previous activities had dried on her skin.

“Hey do you have an extra toothbrush and a hair dryer, I could use?” Jen called to Lana.

Lana reappeared, leaning against the door frame in her robe, a wide grin on her face, “So you’re going to stay and get ready with me?”

“Yeah, I guess should. It will save time,” Jen was all too aware of her own nudity, feeling foolish as sunbeams from the window illuminated her to Lana’s favorable gaze.

“In that case, we should save some water too and shower together,” Lana moved over to Jen, standing directly in front of her and clasping her hands around Jen’s waist. She pressed her forehead to Jen’s and lifted her eyebrows, “How about that, hmm?”

Jen felt her chest constrict and her head go a little light, the throb between her legs started up with a vengeance at the mere mention. She knew it wasn’t really going to save them time, but the promise and flash of anticipation was too irresistible, so she nodded against Lana swallowing her anxiety, and accepted Lana’s light close-lipped kiss.

“You’re in for a treat. I have a really nice shower…” Lana pulled back and headed into the bathroom, pulling open a drawer to find Jen a toothbrush. Lana started the shower to warm it up, letting the steam build up in the room, while they both brushed their teeth. Lana grabbed Jen’s free arm teasingly that she had crossed firmly against her chest.

“Okay, there’s no need to play Miss Modest at this point,” Lana chuckled, removing her own bathrobe and stepping under the spray. Jen followed dutifully, taking a long appreciative look at Lana’s backside as she wet her hair and beckoned Jen inside. Jen stepped in and shut the glass door, shivering momentarily until Lana pulled her close, the contact of her body against Jen’s instantly relaxed and excited her.

It was impossibly warm and intimate. Lana grabbed her purple loofah puff, holding it out to wet it down and adding a hefty measure of body wash. She worked up a nice lather between her hands and then slowly drew it across Jen’s chest and shoulders watching the white foam run down her body, between her breasts and over her stomach. It pooled between her legs and Lana traced patterns down each of her thighs before working it gently between her legs.

Jen moved forward, bracing her arms on Lana’s shoulders, her head lolling as Lana continued to create a delicious friction between her thighs. Jen kissed her eagerly, encouraging her, until Lana grabbed her waist and switched places with her.

“I have an idea,” Lana said over the sound of the rushing water. Jen was now facing the shower letting it beat down on her chest. She looked back at Lana expectantly, her lips parting in uncertainty.

“You’re going to enjoy it, trust me,” Lana reassured, reaching over Jen and taking the handheld part of the shower down, adjusting the setting to a steady pulse. She handed it to Jen then guided her hand between her legs. The moment the stream hit Jen’s clit she bucked forward, her legs just about giving out.

“Careful, I don’t want you to get hurt. That one would be fun to explain,” Lana said easing the tension, pressing her hips into Jen’s ass, and her hand on her muscular back coaxing her to bend at the waist.

Jen’s free hand darted out seeking support against the front wall, while the sensation of the streaming water against her pussy and Lana’s hips grinding rhythmically just about blew her mind.

Lana’s hands were soapy from the loofah and she ran them gently over Jen’s ass and down the back of her thighs, pushing her to bend just a little bit farther. She reached between their bodies and felt the overflow of water rushing over Jen’s center, letting her fingers find her entrance. She pressed gently, letting Jen know her intention, she felt Jen tense for a second then press back eagerly in acceptance, moaning as Lana let a finger circle her entrance.

“Yes?” Lana asked simply.

Jen nodded, but quickly realized Lana couldn’t see her, she gripped the wall a bit tighter, and wiggled her ass back against Lana, as a long drawn out ‘Ohhhh” sound slipped from her throat. Lana cheerfully slipped two fingers into her, pressing down firmly; using her free hand on Jen’s lower back to steady the erratic motions of her hips. She thrust into her hard and unwavering, setting up a delectable counterpoint to the steady pulse of the shower head. Jen was on her tiptoes, scrambling for purchase against the tile. She pushed her ass back hard, her body needing more and Lana happily added a third finger, working her fingers in and out faster and faster.

“Oh fuck yeah, God,” Jen whined through clenched teeth as her pleasure mounted, climbing higher and higher, Lana meeting every tremor and jerk, her fingers even and relentless. Jen took a long ragged breath before her orgasm slammed her, she couldn’t hold herself up, even as she tried to grab the front wall of the shower harder, her feet slipped. Before she could fall, Lana moved her hand from Jen’s back around her stomach to brace her. Jen slid down to her knees, Lana slowing her fall as they both ended up on the floor. Lana’s fingers slipped out from between her legs and Jen dropped the shower head unable to take anymore due to her post-orgasm sensitivity.

Jen sat dazed and overwhelmed on her knees, the loose shower head spraying recklessly as pressure continued to beat through it pulsing everywhere. Lana picked it up and replaced it in its spot, and taking her shampoo. She knelt down behind Jen, smoothing her soaked blond hair down her back, stroking and soothing her. Jen’s breath evened out and she looked over her shoulder at Lana, unable to contain her disbelief, the unadulterated pleasure apparent on her face. Lana bent down meeting her in a hungry kiss that better expressed her gratitude then words could.

Lana pulled back, and squirted some shampoo into in her palm, lathering it and working it gently into Jen’s hair, massaging her scalp refreshingly. Jen’s instinct was to protest, she could wash her own hair, but Lana seemed to enjoy it, and Jen let herself give in. She remained silent except for appreciative little moans as Lana took the shower head once again, washing out the jasmine scented shampoo and then repeating the process with conditioner. Just as she washed out the conditioner, Lana rubbed the tight muscles of Jen’s shoulders, murmuring, “I love when they do a décolleté massage at the salon. Feeling good?”

“Oh, God…I don’t want to go to work. I think I could stay here with you and your shower all day,” Jen replied absently, dumbfounded by the sensation of pure relaxation and the pleasant shivers running down her spine. Jen twisted on her knees, suddenly thinking of nothing but the desire to return the favor. She turned so that she was on her knees in front of Lana, who was staring down through hooded eyes at the beauty of Jen water glistening and beating merrily down and over her tanned skin. The look of desire was matched in her own wide eyes as she bit her bottom lip, and placed her hands on Lana’s upper thighs letting hers short nails run down her legs and the flat of her palms run up in broad attentive strokes.

Jen tore her eyes away from Lana’s and focused on the apex of her thighs, readying herself to taste her again. Ever since they had made love hours ago, Jen couldn’t get the sweet taste of Lana’s wetness out of her head. She wanted to make her quiver and moan, she wanted to feel her body tighten around her fingers and cum wantonly in her mouth. It scared her how much she wanted it. Lana let herself relax, her arms falling loosely to her sides, “Please,” she practically begged, spreading her legs slightly and shifting as the spray of water pummeled her chest. Jen kissed her lower abdomen, delighting in the slight jump of excitement she felt in her stomach muscles. Then Jen brought her mouth and both hands to Lana’s pussy all at once. Spreading her labia, and testing her readiness, gathering the slickness between her folds and slowly working her fingers back and forth. Lana’s shoulders tensed, she held onto the top of Jen’s head, trying not to push her, but mentally urging her to move her mouth.

Jen obliged, letting her tongue dart out to taste her, and quickly pressing in as close as possible, flicking her tongue in tight circles, and slipping her fingers inside. She wasn’t entirely confident in her abilities, but she adapted with confidence, always abiding by her motto of ‘go big or go home’ she took Lana’s verbal cues of pleasure just like they did when they were acting. Give and take, push and pull. Lana’s hips arched into her mouth, she heard Lana cry out in pleasure, the lovely sound urging her on, she added a third finger, plunging into her tightness, and fastened her lips securely around Lana’s clit so she could fully suck her. After that, it was mere moments before Lana was muttering, and then screaming, her hands tangled in Jen’s hair, her orgasm exploding. She fought to keep her balance, holding Jen against her until the last of the aftershocks had finished.

When Lana released her, Jen looked up quickly wanting so badly to see Lana’s expression. She loved to see her beautiful face contorted in pleasure and satisfaction. Lana stroked Jen’s hair adoringly, her features soft and supple, her dark wet hair stuck to her chin. She took Jen’s hands and pulled her to her feet, and wrapped her into a full body hug mutually enjoying their luscious slippery bodies. Lana kissed Jen, not wanting their fun to end, but knowing that they had better get going.

“I am going to be thinking about you…about this all day…possibly forever. Thank you, babe,” Lana said, taking a deep breath to quell her excitement.

“I know,” Jen replied, words failing her; the singular thought running through her head was how glad she was that she had decided to stay. 


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