Swan Queen/RP Fic: This is Really Happening (12/?)

Title: This Is Really Happening (12/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary:How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

Previous chapters:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

A/N:  Rumor Has it…

“Who wants to hear some gossip?” Alex, one of the stylists on set, said with anticipation as he looked around at the other crew members, gathered outside for a smoke break.

“Ooh, you know we love gossip. Spill it,” Maria, another make-up artist, egged him on.

“This morning, Jen came in late with Lana right behind her. Jen was drinking coffee from an “Evil Queen” mug,” Alex dished like it was the juiciest thing anyone would ever hear.

“Okay, so?” Maria asked confused, taking a drag from her cigarette and squinting in thought.

“Um..hello? Have you ever seen those two share anything, let alone coffee?”

“You’re taking this “Swan Queen” thing too far, and looking for something that isn’t there. Have you ever seen those two be anything except professional?” Maria defended, shaking her head. Everyone who worked on the show regarded the odd relationship between Lana and Jen with nothing more than curiosity. They both kept to themselves at all times except during their direct interaction while acting in scenes together.

“There’s more…From the moment Jen sat down to get her hair done today, I could smell Lana’s shampoo in Jen’s hair!,” Alex continued, looking around to make sure no one who would snitch was present.

“Did you ask Jen about it?” Bruce, a quiet guy with an ear for gossip, piped in.

“Duh, she said she was trying new product. She never tries new product without running it by me first. When I asked her what brand it was, she didn’t even know,” Alex continued.

“So you think she borrowed Lana’s shampoo, that’s a little suspicious,” Maria agreed.

“You know Wilkenson, the old night custodian guy, said that Lana and Jen got their own key to the set so they could have late night rehearsals,” Bruce added, his lips curling into a smirk at the inference.

“I heard their kiss the other day was pretty steamy and then they both disappeared and then left together,” Another crew member continued to put fuel on the fire.

Alex’s cell phone buzzed signaling he received a text message. He looked down at the screen and his eyes lit up, “Oh my God. You’ll never believe what Linda down in a craft services just walked in on…”

“What?” All four of them asked in unison.

“Jen in Lana’s trailer, they were sitting together on the couch rehearsing and giggling and touching…” Alex said just as he read it from his phone almost in disbelief.

“Wow, I didn’t think I’d see the day that happened. 20 episodes and nothing and now those two are best buddies? Something is definitely going on. When I was doing Lana’s hair for like 3 hours the other day, she was just reading this really long story on her phone…”Fragments of less lived lives” or something? I couldn’t really read over her shoulder, but there were some pretty explicit words in there,” Bruce said, smirking from ear to ear.


“Thanks Linda,” Lana nodded toward the woman, trying to block her view of Jen sitting red-faced on the couch, as Linda dropped off some sandwiches and bottles of water for lunch. Lana closed the door behind her and instantly busted out in a fit of laughter, while Jen hugged her own chest and sulked.

“This isn’t funny. She’s probably already calling everybody on set and telling them what she saw! Do you think she noticed I had my hand down your pants?” Jen asked worriedly, her brow creasing as Lana sat back down, placing a comforting palm on Jen’s knee.

“See no one knocks around here, I should have locked it behind you, but you had my hands occupied from the moment you walked in,” Lana pursed her lips and met Jen’s gaze, her lips threatening to erupt into a smile once again.

“Yeah…well, I wanted to rehearse…some more,” Jen looked down sheepishly, wondering exactly when ‘rehearse’ had become simultaneous with ‘have sex’ in her vocabulary.

“Mmm, me too, I’m glad you stopped by,” Lana leaned in and kissed her to show her appreciation, then pulled back slightly. Her tone turning serious, she sighed, “But we’re going to have to keep our relationship as professional as possible at work. That was a close call and I’ve already noticed the crew looking at us differently.”

Even as she said it she was unable to stop tracing her finger in circles over Jen’s thigh.

“I probably shouldn’t have come to your trailer, huh?” Jen asked, looking up at Lana with wide expectant eyes.

Lana smiled softly, “Hey, I’m glad you did. We can just have some lunch and then we have scenes to shoot. We get to touch each other all day. And tonight…more rehearsal?”

“We’re on our way to becoming regular workaholics, aren’t we?” Jen joked as she scanned the tray of food Linda had dropped off, trying desperately to turn her attention away from Lana and onto eating lunch.



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