Swan Queen Fanfic: Vanilla, Kinks & Trigger Points (2/3)

Title: Vanilla, Kinks & Trigger Points (2/3)

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: R

Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

SummaryShe simultaneously looked rested, turned on and embarrassed by the simple fact that her emotions were on display and undisguised in front of Emma’

A/N: This is getting long, making it 3 parts. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow evening.

The afternoon sun had given way to dusk, and the room had become dim and intimate. Emma continued to massage Regina, noticing the twin dimples on her lower back which symmetrically complimented the indent of her spine and the nicely defined muscles on either side. She slid a bit farther down Regina’s legs and slowly pulled at the waistband of her underwear. She stopped for a moment, to make sure Regina didn’t protest and then pulled them over the swell of her ass. She admired the nicely rounded globes, kneading at the soft flesh, using her knuckles to push into the tight muscles of her ass.

Regina shifted slightly and hummed out a low sound, not quite a moan, but a definite expression of gratification, “What are you doing?”

She had her legs squeezed tightly together and Emma thought briefly of prying them apart, taking her panties all the way off and massaging her inner thighs, but decided not to be so bold just yet.

“Just working your glutes, they’re tight.”

Although… Emma realized, as she literally palmed Regina’s ass cheeks, that she had quite the advantage. It was certainly something of a sight to see the mayor so docile and relaxed, and Emma couldn’t deny she was enjoying her state of submission a bit too much. Combined with the fact that Regina had never had a massage, (so she claimed, Emma remained skeptical) Emma could pretty much get her to do whatever she wanted. She decided to test Regina’s limits.

“Regina, are you ready to roll over so I can do your front?” Emma asked, suppressing the mischievous laugh that was threatening to bubble out.

“Whhhaaa?” Regina’s reply was sleepy, and muffled, followed by a sharper, whiny, confused command, “Nooo, don’t stop now!”

“I’m not stopping, just making it better. Slowly rollover, please? I have to massage your front so everything is in balance,” Emma said her eyes twitching sideways, thinking that her reasoning sounded somewhat plausible.  Most times the masseuse did spend the second half of the massage with the participant lying on their back; it was easier to massage the arms, shoulders, head and legs in that position. Regina sighed in reluctance.

Emma snapped Regina’s underwear back in place, and got up to manually turn Regina over.  She put her hands underneath her like she was attempting to flip a human pancake. Regina relented and slid to the middle of the bed as she splayed out on her back. She opened her eyes to cautiously regard Emma and covered her chest, her bra hanging from her forearms, mouth slightly agape.

“Good so far?” Emma asked with false modesty, while noting that Regina’s eyes were slipping shut once more and rolling to the back of her head.

“Maybe,” Regina pulled an indifferent scowl, forcing herself to look at Emma, but her dilated pupils and slack jaw gave away just how relaxed she was feeling.

“Let go of your bra, come on,” Emma tugged at it, trying to pull it off of Regina’s arms.

“No,” Regina snapped, holding it firmly over her chest, trying to preserve her last vestige of modesty.

“It’s okay…I’ll take off mine too if you want, so you’re not uncomfortable,” Emma coaxed the useless garment free from Regina’s arms while Regina stared at her expectantly, grudgingly placing her arms at her sides, exposing herself, and then nodding slightly. Emma slipped off her own bra as she studied Regina, distracted by the beautiful way her breasts were positioned and the way her chest moved up and down as her breathing rate increased.

Emma grabbed the vial of oil, dragging her eyes from Regina’s chest to meet her gaze. The cap accidentally popped off and the tube of oil slipped from her fingers, splashing on her pants, and as she fumbled for it the whole container spilled out on Regina’s chest. Regina’s hands instantly flew into the oil, trying to keep it from getting on her bedspread. There was more in that bottle than Emma thought possible as the puddle quickly expanded, flowing out in a wave over Regina’s stomach.

“Oh, Shit,” Emma reacted instinctively, grabbing Regina’s wrists and lunging forward, her legs scrambling over Regina’s hips, and her torso pressing over Regina’s trying to absorb the oil like a human Sham Wow.

“You idiot! You’re crushing me,” Regina tried to yell, but with Emma on top of her, her voice sounded weak and hoarse. Emma let go of Regina’s hands, but didn’t move from her position on top of her, trying to trap the oil between their bodies as the strong scent of vanilla permeated the room.

Regina was virtually helpless; she couldn’t put her oily hands down onto her bed so she slowly and somewhat sensually ran them down Emma’s back, letting herself enjoy the feel of her smooth skin under her oily palms. In the scuffle to contain the oil spill, (BP had nothing on this as far as sexiness was concerned) Emma’s knee had landed between Regina’s thighs, and as she deliberately moved her hands up and down Regina’s sides collecting trails of oil she realized her knee was connecting with Regina’s body in a very delicious way with each stroke.

Regina would have blamed her shallow erratic breathing on Emma’s weight still crushing her, but truly the combination of their oiled breasts and stomachs sliding against one another and the steady pressure of Emma’s knee against her was the cause. In fact, Emma heard no more requests from Regina for her to get off of her. Emma cupped Regina’s throat lightly, heading off a rogue line of oil, and softly sliding her fingertips over her neck. She could feel Regina’s pulse fluttering like a hummingbird, and smiled with satisfaction. Regina swallowed as a light tickle tingled through her body at the touch.

“I hope nobody walks in on us, and by nobody, I mean Henry. This position might be hard to explain,” Emma joked, punctuating her remark by sliding against Regina, increasing the pressure of her knee against her, knowing full well the sensations she was stirring in the body beneath hers. Emma felt the level of her own arousal skyrocket with every breath and shudder Regina tried (and failed) to suppress. She simultaneously looked rested, turned on and embarrassed by the simple fact that her emotions were on display and undisguised in front of Emma. She also looked out of control, and when Emma began to slide off of her, Regina slid her feet up and her hips lifted off the bed on their own accord trying desperately to not lose contact with Emma’s body. Emma got up, feeling the loss of warmth and contact immediately. Regina felt it too, Emma noted, as she seemed completely unaware that she was playing with her own nipples.

“Where are you going? Are you leaving?” Regina barked out, sounding like she was being strangled. Emma didn’t plan on going anywhere. She was planning on taking off her oil covered pants so whatever was happening between them could progress unheeded.

“I’m going to finish your… massage. Just getting comfortable,” Emma licked her lips and took a deep breath. She wondered how Regina would react if she were to kiss her.

“While you’re up, make sure the door is locked?” Regina asked politely, and as Emma locked the door, she took the question a hopeful acknowledgement that Regina wanted to escalate this massage. From the way she was writhing impatiently on the bed, waiting for Emma to get back ‘down’ Emma was confident she knew the answer. Originally, when she wanted Regina to lie on her back she was just going to massage her head and neck, perhaps creep a little low on her décolletage area and cop a feel, but they were far beyond that relative innocence now. As if Emma’s thoughts had ever been innocent. Regina had had no idea what she was in for, and every touch, glance, and drop of oil was adding fuel to the fire.

When Emma returned to the bed, hovering over Regina from the side, Regina stilled herself as much as possible: sinking down into the mattress, shutting her eyes, and anticipating Emma’s touch as every nerve ending in her body cried out for it. Emma was teasing her that much she knew, but she didn’t care what Emma had planned just so long as she put her hands, breasts…and hopefully her mouth back on her body. Regina felt Emma’s fingers tangling in her hair, and gently pulling her roots, it was oddly calming, but unsatisfying in her current state of arousal. She took a deep breath, and waited it out. Any moment and Emma would straddle her hips again and run fingers over her chest and stomach. In reality, Emma was caressing her scalp, sending pinpricks of sensation through her head. It was pleasant, but not what she needed. Regina opened her eyes and found herself staring directly into the undersides of Emma’s full breasts. She gulped in frustration, and frantically said, “Enough! I don’t need my head massaged. Your oily fingers are ruining my hair anyway.”

“Okay, no problem,” Emma teased, leaning down, her breasts ghosting over Regina’s forehead. Never letting Regina’s gruffness deter her, she asked in whisper, “Where do you need massaged? Where do you want my oily fingers?”

Without thinking, Regina sighed, “Everywhere.”


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