Swan Queen Fanfic: Vanilla, Kinks & Trigger Points (3/3)

Title: Vanilla, Kinks & Trigger Points (3/3)

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

Summary: ‘She took a step back, trying to gather her thoughts, and that was not going to happen if she kept her eyes on Regina and her nearly naked, oiled up goddess body.’

Part 1 & Part 2


Emma took a deep breath, and then another…and one more for good measure. Regina looked at her expectantly; her body becoming taut, bracing herself for what she was sure would be the impending rejection from Emma.

“Everywhere, hmm?” Emma husked, watching Regina’s eyes flutter in anticipation and her brow crease in doubt. She nodded her head as much as she could from her current position on her back, finding it difficult to speak, afraid to admit exactly what she wanted. Even if she could, she didn’t know how to go about asking for it.

It took every ounce of Emma’s willpower to not immediately pounce on Regina and fuck her like an animal. She took a step back, trying to gather her thoughts, and that was not going to happen if she kept her eyes on Regina and her nearly naked, oiled up, goddess body.

Regina worried her lip between her teeth, feeling on display under Emma’s dilated gaze. Her chest was flushed red and her shallow breathing caused her breasts to jut out from her ribcage, drawing attention to her stiff nipples. She gripped at her wrinkled bed covers in an effort to keep herself feeling somewhat grounded.

Emma dragged her eyes across Regina’s body, taking in every beautiful detail. Regina was rubbing her stocking covered right foot nervously against her left calf. Emma crossed to the side of the bed, intending to become intimately acquainted with Regina’s lower body. Regina tracked Emma’s every movement, her shining brown eyes wrought with intense interest.

Regina had an infamous reputation for being an absolute uptight bitch, but in this moment, while she lie naked and wanton she appeared to be anything but. Her lips were pressed tightly together in a line, and she seemed to be holding her breath. She didn’t respond when Emma casually unsnapped the strings of her stockings from the thin, lacy garter belt around her waist. She slowly rolled the right stocking down her thigh, over her knee and slipped it over her muscled calf. She gave the other leg the same treatment, tossing the stockings to the floor.

Regina’s feet were perfect; Emma admired the glossy crimson polish, perfectly applied to each toenail. She firmly circled her thumb over the ball of Regina’s foot, and then dug deeply into her arch. Regina jerked and squirmed, letting out a low growl of pleasure. She sounded like she was about to have an orgasm. Emma had never made anyone come from a foot massage, and flattering as it would be, she’d be damned if Regina came before she had a chance to taste her. She glanced up to find Regina looking positively tortured, fighting her own pleasure. It was almost heartbreaking.

Regina stared unfocused at the ceiling fan which was lazily spinning as her vision dimmed, and for a moment she was afraid she was having an aneurysm. She tried to control her arousal, and tone down her reactions, but found she was absolutely powerless.

Emma hooked her index fingers in the elastic of Regina’s panties and with considerable effort tore her eyes from Regina’s hips to her face, asking silently for permission to continue.

“Ms. Swan…This is not—,” Regina, licked her dry lips, and looked visibly pained as she cut herself off, letting the unfinished sentence hang in the air.

“Professional?” Emma guessed as a smirk ghosted across her lips. She wanted to add ‘no shit’ but left it at that, anticipating what Regina was going to say next. Regina squeezed her eyes shut, unable to concentrate on anything other than the intense pulsing between her legs and the light tickle of Emma’s fingers on her hips.

“Maybe we can just finish the massage and see what happens from there? I’ll just rub… your feet some more, okay?” Emma was testing her, daring Regina to refuse her. She laced her voice with the obvious and thick tone of disappointment. The entire point of this rubdown was to relax the bitchiness out of the woman, and Emma was not going to stop until that goal was achieved by whatever means necessary.

“This is embarrassing…I had no idea when we started this that I’d be so—,” Regina seemed to be having trouble finding her words, but Emma was happy to help.

“Into it?” Emma asked confused as to why she’d be embarrassed of all things.

“Yes,” Regina whispered in a barely audible whisper, turning her head away, and rolling her hips upwards to punctuate her desire.

Realization dawned on Emma, looking down and finding that Regina had clamped her thighs shut tight, making any hope of wrestling her panties off practically impossible. Emma was just as aroused as Regina if not more so, and if this ended now Emma was going to be extremely pissed.

“Hey, look at me. Regina?” Emma crawled up the bed, sitting on her knees next to Regina, who rolled over on her side and looked at Emma through a haze of shame. Emma took her limp hand in her own, giving it a reassuring squeeze. She maintained eye contact, all the while steadily guiding Regina’s fingers to the waistband of her own underwear. She slipped them under and pressed her hand over Regina’s feeling the delicious instant she made contact with her wet heat. Regina’s eyes widened in recognition, and she pressed gently, Emma wobbled on her knees gasping sharply as Regina brushed over her clit.

“See,” Emma breathed in wonder, “I’m just as into it as you are.”

Regina’s mouth fell open in apparent amazement, growing a little bolder, she dipped her fingers more firmly against her, spreading her lips a bit and rubbing in smooth strokes. Emma clamped her hand over Regina’s wrist and effectively stilled her hand, choking out, “This evening is about you…me, later.”

Regina swallowed, slightly deflated, and reluctantly withdrew her coated fingers, as Emma guided her shoulders back down to the bed.

Emma hovered over her, lightly caressing her shoulders, trailing lower until Emma squeezed Regina’s breasts palming them blithely, and enjoying the instant response as Regina’s nipples hardened further under her touch, eliciting fervent moans from Regina’s lips.

Regina reached up for her, flexing her hand as if she wasn’t sure what she was reaching for until she was able to hook her arm around Emma’s neck. Emma looked down, her mouth forming an ‘O’, her chest constricting at the concentrated desire looming in Regina’s gaze.

Emma fell on top her scrambling to throw a leg over her body, straddling her, the thought that this position was her new favorite place to be popped into her head until Regina’s arm wrapped around her more firmly forcing her to look her in the eye once again. Emma stalled teasingly, resisting the greedy hand on her neck for just a moment, before caving and kissing her eagerly, loving that Regina put up no resistance.

All of their tension and frustration with each other dissolved as they kissed. Regina freely ran her hands up and down Emma’s back, finally getting to properly map the strong flexing muscles there. Emma pushed her tongue into Regina’s mouth tasting her, swirling her tongue against hers hotly. Regina kissed back zealously until she broke for air, and Emma continued her wet kisses and licks down the exposed column of Regina’s neck. She tasted sweat and vanilla, trailing lower, marveling at Regina’s body, quivering and hot under her lips.

With clear intention, she settled between Regina’s legs, tearing at the lacy scraps of fabric that were in the way, not caring in the slightest if they ripped. Once off, Emma splayed her palm over Regina’s lower abdomen to hold her in place, the woman liked to buck like a bronco. She hooked her other arm under her thigh keeping her legs open enough for her to nuzzle in. She let out a ragged breath right against Regina’s pussy, and then inhaled her intoxicating scent.

She was so excited she thought she might pass out right then and there, but picturing Regina’s reaction to having to deal with an unconscious Emma face deep in her pussy, amused her in a perverted way. She couldn’t resist any longer, and tongued her way through drenched folds, dipping into the immense amount of arousal. Emma couldn’t believe that Regina had actually been embarrassed by her excitement, she should be proud. Emma was feeling pretty proud of herself, as she felt Regina writhing enthusiastically, and heard her panting harder with every stroke and suck of her tongue and lips.

Regina struggled to sit up, tangling her fingers in Emma’s hair, pulling rhythmically at her roots, as she felt Emma suck her deeper. She looked down, just as Emma looked up: the sight of her mouth on her, giving pleasure so freely, indulging her body like this was overwhelming and decadent. She threw her head back, in the sheer pursuit of hedonism, and clenched her thighs around Emma’s head automatically. She slammed back down onto the bed, biting her own fingers, and squeezing her eyes shut, as her hips circled erratically in enthusiastic encouragement.

She felt Emma’s fingers enter her and her pussy immediately clenched around them, Emma had barely pumped them twice before Regina lost it, her body tightening and releasing again and again. Her loud gasps turned to drawn out ‘Ohs’ and elongated further into a keening howl, as Involuntary spasms rocked through her from her toes up through her cranium, culminating in bursts of light and stars behind her eyes. The sensations seemed to go on and on, and Emma drew every last ounce of pleasure out of her, twisting her fingers inside, until Regina began to wind down, her body finally stilling as she lay spent only able to focus on the rush of blood in her ears and the pounding of her own heart.

Emma sat back, admiring Regina in her post-coital glory, she truly looked relaxed and as a huge grin erupted on her face, her hands in fists as she stared blankly off into space. Emma was pretty sure she had achieved her goal. Of course, she figured another round of sex would be in order to seal the deal.

Regina turned that bright smile on Emma, beckoning her closer, and brushing the sweaty pieces of hair out of her eyes in a gesture of true intimacy, “Oh, and when we’re through with this session, I’d like to make another massage appointment as soon as possible. Now, tell me Ms. Swan, where would you like to be touched?”

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