Swan Queen Fanfic: Vanilla, Kinks & Trigger Points (4)

Title: Vanilla, Kinks & Trigger Points (4)

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

Summary: “Snow White?” Regina asked in confusion, trying and failing to concentrate as her eyes leisurely wandered over Emma’s body drinking in the beautiful sight before her.

A/N: I couldn’t leave it after part 3, Emma had to get hers too…

Archie Hopper was a freaking saint; Emma would have to get him a card or whatever the appropriate gift was for this particular situation: Monogrammed stationary, probably:

Just as Emma had started to enthusiastically ride Regina’s thigh, rushing to get her kicks in before Regina tired of her and tossed her out, she heard the generic tone of Regina’s cell phone ringing and jingling on the nightstand.

Regina rolled her eyes in evident annoyance and then glanced at Emma in an apologetic manner, and Emma couldn’t help how her lips pouted in disappointment. She forced her hips to stop churning against Regina’s leg.  Regina rolled over and answered the damned phone, giving Emma a signal to stay quiet or die.

“Dr. Hopper, why are you calling?” Is everything all right with Henry? Good…. No, I’m fine,” Regina cleared her throat; apparently her deep sex soaked voice had provoked concern, “Just a little tickle….”

Emma frowned in concentration, trying to stay still and quiet, but her hips seemed to move on their own volition and even as Regina glared at her, Emma sighed in pleasure as her overly sensitive body made firm and desperate contact with that smooth thigh once again.

“Snow White?” Regina asked in confusion, trying and failing to concentrate as her eyes leisurely wandered over Emma’s body drinking in the beautiful sight before her.  Emma zoned in on Regina’s end of the conversation, trying to puzzle out what they were talking about, but her brain wouldn’t cooperate. 

“That will be fine, uh-huh, yes…. I really must go, Dr. Hopper…right, goodbye,” Regina threw the phone off the bed and let out a long tortured moan of relief. She smiled sharply, “Dr. Hopper is extending Henry’s session so they can screen ‘Snow White’ for analysis…he won’t be home for a few hours…”

“Oh, thank God,” Emma whined, bearing down full force, but Regina wasn’t content to have Emma ride her leg. She grabbed Emma’s hips and pulled her off of her thigh, shifting Emma’s leg over Regina’s left, so that their pussies were pressing together. Emma immediately began to thrust herself against Regina, immensely enjoying the feel of their bodies connecting so intimately. Regina struggled to catch her breath, as she playfully palmed and smacked Emma’s ass encouraging her to circle her hips. Emma didn’t need much direction; her body knew what to do on its own, changing the pressure and friction, intensifying the sensations sparking from her core. She lifted Regina’s outstretched leg, spreading her wider.

 Emma took her time running her hands from the back of Regina’s thighs, to tickling behind her knee and up to her toes. On a whim, Emma sucked Regina’s polished toe into her mouth, causing Regina to throw her head back on the pillow, hair splaying out around her. She squeezed her eyes shut, barely able to keep her hands on Emma’s ass as they rocked together.

Emma lunged forward, hovering over Regina, trailing her breasts over Regina’s chest, and arching her back like a cat as she worked her body into her.  She studied her face, careful not to break contact of their lower halves, she was close to orgasm, and although Emma found it a bit more difficult to get off from grinding like this, she continued to feel her pleasure ratcheting up with every movement. Regina opened her eyes with difficulty when Emma smoothed some stray hair behind her ear in a gesture of true affection. She caught Emma’s lips in a searing kiss, which quickly became all tongue as they dueled in time with the thrusts of their bodies.

Emma shot up with need, pushing backwards to hold herself up on her arms, her quads burning as she picked up the pace, and banged herself against Regina. Her body was completely open, head thrown back, hair cascading down like a waterfall.

Regina propped herself up on her elbows to see, exclaiming in sheer awe, “You’re so gorgeous like this, oh God…”

Emma licked her lips, but found any response she might have had was lost, as she was coming finally, taking her pleasure heartily, wantonly letting herself indulge, not caring in the least how she looked, just how she felt in this moment. Aftershocks jerked through her as she lowered herself to the bed, going limp with a contented sigh.

No sooner had she relaxed when she heard a muddled voice, words fragmented and lost through the haze in her head, “…More… Swan…I want more.”

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