Swan Queen Fanfic: Vanilla, Kinks & Trigger Points (5)

Title: Vanilla, Kinks & Trigger Points (5)

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: M

Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

Summary: Emma gives Regina a sensual massage

Previous Chapters:

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Emma struggled to roll over and crawl up the length of the bed beside Regina. They looked at each other for a beat as Emma felt her body cool and relax. This was just a fluke. A one-time deal, Emma told herself.  At the moment, the usual prevalent thread of animosity she felt for the woman lying next to her had faded away, replaced by sheer ragged pangs of desire.


This event was probably normal- no two people could fight as much as she and Regina and not find some sort of outlet for all their tension. This was a stolen moment to release some pressure while their mutual kid was at therapy for his fairytale delusions. Nothing extraordinary about it.


Except the sex. There was absolutely nothing ordinary about that.


Still, Emma felt a strong compulsion to stay in bed, to give in. Their time was limited and she might as well double down and go for broke. The underlying urgency she had felt from the moment they started the massage reared back to life. She pushed through her doubts.  Regina wore the same look of uncertainty and want reflected on her own face. She let her eyes wander over kiss swollen lips, luminous skin covered in oil. The scent of sex and vanilla permeated the air, hanging, thick and smothering.


The way Regina was looking at her was beautiful. She looked open and vulnerable. Even though Emma had explored every inch of her body it was like she was seeing her clearly for the first time. Regina also looked sinfully guilty, surprisingly shy and a little bit agitated. It was a scary and arousing combination. Emma almost didn’t hear her when she spoke she was so absorbed in her own thoughts.


“Are you going to keep touching me?” Regina asked quietly, but her voice was laced with a hint of desperation. She glanced at the clock, and gave a half shrug, trying to play like it was of no consequence to her what Emma did, “we still have time is all…”


Emma sat up then, folding her legs underneath her, settling in, tossing her mane of hair over her shoulder and licking her lips while she contemplated. She looked down, trying her best to look impassive, while Regina looked up, the worry in her eyes betraying her true feelings. A part of Emma wanted to play it casual, make Regina question and suffer a bit. God knows she deserved to. It should be so easy for Emma to get up, pull on her clothes and head out the door. Maybe give an offhand wave over her shoulder by way of parting. Even as she envisioned it, she knew her will power was nonexistent, not now, and her actions were a foregone conclusion. She steadied herself mentally, and reached out, dragging her index finger over Regina’s naked chest, tracing an absent pattern over her skin.


Regina’s breath hitched at the slight touch, eyeing Emma’s index finger like it was a blade. A ghosting smile crept onto Emma’s lips as she continued to tease with just one finger, dipping lower and circling her belly button before drawing back up, and doing it all over.


She dipped lower each time, until she was sure she was going to drive Regina mad, and then she did it again just to be a bitch.


“Please…” Regina growled through gritted teeth, as if speaking the word was as hard as crushing a diamond.

“Since you asked nicely…okay.”

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