Swan Queen/RPF: This is Really Happening (14/?)

Title: This Is Really Happening (14/?)

Pairing: Lana/Jen, Regina/Emma

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters/actresses are not my creative property, but I’m writing this anyway.

Summary: How Lana and Jen react when they find out Swan Queen is becoming OUAT canon

Previous chapters:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen 

“I don’t want to know if it’s true, and I don’t care if it’s true. The only thing that matters is that people, as in, the public, think it’s true. We have a hit show here, and my job is to make sure you two look straight,” Jackie, Lana and Jen’s new appointed publicist, used her hands to convey her points. She was very passionate about her PR gig.

“So what do you want us to do?” Lana asked, folding her arms and wishing she had a cigarette.

“You follow my script and I guarantee there will be no more question on the issue of your sexuality. I have a proven track record- I’ve worked with many celebs,” Jackie’s eyes rolled around crazily as she recounted. “Mariska Hargitay, Anne Hathaway, Gillian Anderson…so on…I’ve help them face the PR crisis that now has fallen on to you.”

“Script?” Jen interrupted, feeling so awkward and nervous, she couldn’t even work up the nerve to look over at Lana.

“It’s gonna be a long summer, first off- this media trip to Monte Carlo, you two cannot go together. Those plans have been canceled. Lana will go…with a man. You have a man? Anyone? A brother? I don’t care what you have to pay him, we need pictures, flood twitter and make kissy faces, ingrain him in your fans’ minds,” Jackie waved her finger back and forth between them as she peeked over the edge of her glasses.

“Yeah, I mean I already have a boyfriend. This whole idea is ridiculous. I don’t need a publicist to tell me who to be seen with. What’s the worst that could happen if Jen and I went? What if we held hands, and made out on the red carpet?” Lana tapped her foot rapidly and smirked playfully at the ideas as Jen sunk deeper into her chair, her face flushed in embarrassment.

“This isn’t up for debate. I was hired to do a job by your bosses and their bosses bosses. This edict comes from the highest level…”

“God?” Jen deadpanned, speaking for the first time.

Jackie rolled her eyes and sat down on an adjacent chair, placing her hands on her knees. Her ability to sound so damned condescending was truly an unrivaled talent, “You, Miss. Morrison, need to beard up and stat. A co-star preferably, and as of now, I’ve decided you are dating Sebastian Stan. Paparazzi will be at Starbucks this afternoon, and you will be there with him, holding hands and drinking soy Venti lattes. Got it?”

“Seriously?” Jen sat up in her chair, her face awash in confusion. Lana remained quiet, but she looked equally outraged.

“I’m trying to tip the scales in your favor, and convince people you two are straight,” Jackie held back a laugh as she looked them both over, “You both look gay on your own, but next to each other- Super gay. No photos of you two together, or even in the same room all summer…No! Scratch that- maybe one cheeky photo at a cast event later on, I’ll let you know. You don’t want to look like you don’t get along at all.”

“Don’t you think this all comes off as homophobic? We have a lot of gay fans, you know,” Lana crossed her legs, trying to reason and wishing that this meeting would end.

“From here on, you will call yourself a ‘straight ally’. Flock to your gay fans, but be sure to bring the man along, and only refer to yourself as straight. Remember, I’ll be watching every move you make,” Jackie rose from her chair and glared at them in warning.

It was a long, summer hiatus.


The first day back in production was humid and unbearably hot. The Storybrooke set buzzed with crackling energy as the cast and crew reunited to shoot the first scenes. Fans gathered on the sidelines, a sizable crowd, which was quite a change from the previous season.

Lana had woken up super early, and had already been awake for hours. She strutted around the set in her black suit, white shirt and fitted vest from the finale. Jen had ignored her so far, but of course, they were both extremely busy, their attention scattered in a million different directions.

The director released Lana for a break and after greeting and signing autographs for a group of Evil Regals she disappeared into the tent that had been set up for the cast to cool off in the shade. There were fans blowing, a tray of snacks, bottles of sunscreen, and a big cooler iced cooler of water. Lana took off her long sleeved blazer and sat down to drink some water and have a moment alone.

Jen slipped in and pulled the canvas of the tent shut. She took a bottle of water, removed her jacket and sat down in front of Lana, “Hey, thought I saw you come in here.”

“Having fun?” Lana asked, a fresh glint of mischief popped instantly into her eyes.

“Busy…hot,” Jen shrugged non-committedly, sipping her water, and never taking her eyes off of Lana.

“Really hot…” Lana winked in that super sexy way she had about her, like she was devouring Jen in her mind.

Lana stood up and stretched, she casually walked over to the cooler full of half melted ice and soaked her hands before moving to stand behind Jen. She slid Jen’s hair over her shoulder and placed her freezing wet fingers against the bare nape of Jen’s neck, stroking gently.

They hadn’t even filmed a single scene together yet, but the chemistry and energy sizzled between them like they hadn’t been apart at all.

“You missed me?” Jen’s confidence had risen over the summer, and she couldn’t say she was surprised that Lana was reinitiating a relationship. She had definitely missed Lana, but she wasn’t ready to admit it openly yet.

“I did. I missed your mouth, your body, your eyes, and you know how disappointed I was that we didn’t get any alone time at Comic Con,” Lana pouted leaning over to rest her chin on Jen’s shoulder, her mouth close to her ear.

“You want to start…this again?” Jen felt the familiar and not unwelcome tug of arousal that Lana seemed to be able to draw forth from her effortlessly.

“I never wanted to stop, and there’s no publicist around to tell us we’re being naughty,” Lana husked softly before licking the shell of Jen’s ear. Lana reached into the cooler for a cube of ice. She slipped it between her lips and slid like velvet around to the front of Jen’s chair. She put her hands on Jen’s shoulders and leaned forward kissing her gently, letting the wet ice melt further as she pushed her cooled tongue into Jen’s warm mouth. Long after the ice had melted they continued to make out, a simple kiss turning them on past the point of no return.

Just one kiss of hot and cold and Jen was squirming, her jeans restrictive, her skin heated and not from the sun. Lana pushed herself forward until she was straddling Jen’s lap, her forearms resting on Jen’s shoulders and hands clasped behind her head and moaning appreciatively into her mouth.

Lana’s lipstick smeared across Jen’s lips, and as Lana began to rock her hips against Jen’s lap, Jen broke the kiss and swiped her hand over her mouth.

“Uh, I want to…but someone could walk in here at any time. We should wait until tonight,” Jen tried to reason even as she her own hips rose in time to meet Lana’s churning ones.

“Everyone’s busy filming, it’s just us,” Lana mumbled, her eyelids were half over her glossy eyes, and she looked absolutely irresistible, “I want to give you a lap dance.”

“Oh…” Jen couldn’t really find any argument that would hold up, and she didn’t want to. The idea of Lana teasing her, wiggling just so on her lap, almost brought her to climax.

“I’ve been taking pole dancing lessons,” Lana commented as she reluctantly shoved off Jen and stretched her arms out, touching her own body gently as she began a slow seductive dance for Jen’s benefit.

“Too bad there’s not a pole…” Jen licked her now dry lips, mesmerized by the slow undulations of Lana’s hips, and the delight that shone in her eyes as she showed off her moves.

“I don’t need a pole…not at all,” She ran her hands over her chest, pausing briefly to squeeze her breasts through the tight vest, and then ran them up her neck and higher into the air.

She came toward Jen like a predator, swishing her slim hips side to side before bending over and running her hands down Jen’s chest, squeezing and kneading her breasts through her tank top, palming the warm weight, and  teasing her aroused nipples. It felt like coming home.

“I can tell you’ve been working out your arms. You look amazing,” Lana complimented, and then she turned around and lowered herself onto Jen’s lap, grinding her ass against her. Jen wrapped her hands around her waist, holding her close against her body, smelling her dark hair, remembering the scent of jasmine and sandalwood that instantly brought back the memories of their trysts so vividly that Jen gasped, sucking in a shuddering breath.

Lana let out a low raspy chuckle at Jen’s reaction, she took Jen’s hands in hers and held them to her breasts to encourage her exploration, “I’m all yours. What do you want to do with me?”

Jen tried to consider her options, her head was swimming, and she was lost in lust. She felt Lana’s butt still circling against her lap, and whispered without even realizing it, “Spanking.”

Lana laughed again, this time from the surprise she felt at Jen’s request. She was certainly growing bolder, and despite their time apart, she wasn’t being shy. Lana nodded, when she sensed Jen maybe felt put out by her reaction. Actions spoke louder than words, so Lana quickly stood up and unbuckled her belt and unzipped Regina’s expensive pants, she shimmied them don’t and removed them. The bottom of the white shirt barely covered her waist, and she went to unbutton her vest next, but Jen stopped her. She looked so sexy in black panties, the white shirt and the vest that it compelled Jen to ask her to leave the top part on.

Lana smiled and wasted no time in bending over Jen’s knees. She worked to grow accustomed to the odd sensation; she hadn’t ever been spanked across someone’s knee before that she could remember.

 “Promise that you’re going to do whatever I want when I get you in my bed,” Lana said, feeling helpless and a bit ridiculous with her ass up in the air.

“Whatever you want,” Jen affirmed, she curiously worked the top of Lana’s panties down over her butt, she wanted her bare so she could see her butt shake with vibration and the marks she was about to leave on her. She was astounded by how much she wanted to do this, her arousal heightened when she felt Lana tense up in anticipation of the first blow.

Jen struck her hard, not holding anything back and the sweet sting of it spread over Lana’s ass and straight to her pussy.

“Oh!” She cried so startled at the pain and pleasure of it, the sting didn’t last and turned to warmth. Sweat dripped down the side of Jen’s face as she concentrated on her next spank, this one harder than the first. Lana jolted at the strong contact, her body tensing and then relaxing as the vibrations rippled through her, she cried out again, and Jen smacked her in quick succession. She loved the ‘thwack’ sound and the sharp cries she was drawing from Lana.

“God, touch my pussy,” Lana moaned through gritted teeth, she had her hands folded against her chest, head filled with blood so that she only saw red, her lower half buzzed with heat and need. She never would have believed that being spanked would be such a turn on.

It was Jen’s turned to moan in appreciation as she heeded Lana’s request, pushing the edge of Lana’s panties aside to tease her pussy. Lana spread her legs wide on reflex, and breathed like she was nearly hyperventilating as Jen slid her fingers through her immensely wet, swollen folds. Jen felt her own sex throb; she could scarcely believe what she was doing. Lana’s body writhing on her lap felt amazing; she loved dominating Lana like that, having her powerless and spread wide under the mercy of her fingers.

“Fuck me, I want you to fuck me now, God…fuck, what are you doing to me?” Lana whined, losing control, and barely registering her request and questions, sputtering and rambling on. She ground her teeth together as Jen slid her fingers inside, finally. She dragged them out slowly; twisting her wrist as she went to make sure Lana could really feel every bit of it. She rubbed just the tips of her fingers over Lana’s hardened clit, giving it a little bit of attention which earned her a huge response from Lana. Jen continued to fuck her a little and then rub her clit, setting up a pattern that was driving Lana crazy, never quite getting enough of either sensation.

Lana bit her tongue to keep from begging for an orgasm, just when Jen started to fuck her harder, holding her still with her arm pressed into her back and shoving her wet fingers in and out at an ever increasing pace. Lana arched her back and thrashed in her excitement as she drew closer, telltale pressure building inside her.

“Oh my God, what the fuck are you doing? That is so not in the script!” 

Lana heard the unwelcome voice, but was so close she ignored whatever was going on around her silently praying for Jen to get her where she needed so desperately to go.

Jen looked up at Ginny, as panic seized her, and her face fell from a wicked, aroused smile to completely shell-shocked in less than a second.

There really wasn’t much to explain; by the looks of it, their actions were pretty self-evident.

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